Well, here's a chance to see a trailer for a movie that never should have been made. For some reason professional creep Tucker Max wrote a book, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, which became a bestseller just to prove that America, as a concept, is over. And because a bestseller can't be left alone in book form, it's been turned into a movie, starring Matt Czuchry as the misogynistic, racist, generally deplorable Max, and Geoff Stults and Jesse Bradford who get dragged along on a bachelor party with this guy.

Of course, it's ultimately a story of redemption, but in the meantime you get to enjoy watching Tucker insult strippers and fat people, land his buddies in jail, and generally ick people out. It's one thing to see a trailer this gross, but it's another to think of it in context of The Hangover, a movie that wasn't remotely mature or subtle, but at least wasn't outright hateful. MySpace is debuting the trailer, and you can watch it embedded below. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell comes out September 25, no matter how much you may wish it were a figment of your imagination.

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