Even though Biutiful got a pretty warm reception at this year's Cannes Film Festival and even earned Javier Bardem a Best Actor prize there, it still hasn't managed to get a U.S. distributor, which I guess isn't all that surprising. After all, it's a very elegant and serious-looking film from a good filmmaker who isn't Christopher Nolan, and therefore it's going to be hard to sell too many audiences on it. Still, it's surprising that a movie led by recently minted Oscar winner Javier Bardem and Babel director Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu couldn't sell here, so expect Biutiful to show up on these shores… maybe in time for Oscar season?

In the meantime, though, Focus Features has released a trailer for the UK, which Empire has debuted and you can watch below. It's the kind of trailer that shows off a lot of beautiful visuals and some vague narration, all with the intention of making you intrigued while giving you no idea of what you're looking at. In short, I like it. Take a look below and cross those fingers for a U.S. release sometime soon.

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