Kevin Smith has emphasized over and over again that Cop Out--or A Couple of Dicks, if you're traditional-- is not his movie, but a movie written by someone else that he was hired to direct. And now that the first trailer has hit, it's pretty clear why-- there's not much about this movie that resembles what you'd see from Kevin Smith, from the simple fact that it's a cop movie to most of the jokes.

Not that it's bad-- even though most of the jokes in the trailer feel pretty standard, there's a lot of potential in putting Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis together as cop partners. But Smith's diehard fans might not find much reason to see this except for devotion to their fearless leader, even if regular moviegoers might enjoy themselves having no idea who the director is. Following the box office failure of Zack and Miri, it's apparently time for Kevin Smith to try out being a studio director for hire. Based on this trailer, though, it's impossible to tell if he's any good at it.

Check out the trailer below.

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