The trailer for The Last Song, Miley Cyrus's first non-Hannah-Montana starring role, has hit the web as promised over at Yahoo! Movies, and you can watch it embedded below. Surprisingly, the movie doesn't completely focus on Miley Cyrus's adorable personality or her relationship with a hunk played by Liam Hemsworth (who looks exactly like older brother Chris, a.k.a. Thor) Instead it seems to be much more of a family comedy/drama, about the girl's parents (Kelly Preston and Greg Kinnear) reuniting and a teenager learning to connect with her father again. It seems kind of sweet, though probably also unbearably sappy in the manner of every other Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation.

Diehard Hannah Montana fans may be disappointed to see so little focus on Miley, but I'm guessing the idea here is to center the young superstar within an ensemble, sell the movie on its own merits, and then later remind you "Oh yeah, that's girl you love on the TV." Smart move, marketing folks. Check out the trailer below.

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