One of the biggest unknowns of the fall movie season, not to mention the Oscars, has finally shown its face. The trailer for Clint Eastwood's Invictus hit the web at (also embedded below), and offers our first look at Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon playing South Africans, Damon as the captain of the national rugby team, and Freeman as the role he was pretty much born to play: Nelson Mandela.

The story, set immediately after the end of apartheid and at the beginning of Mandela's presidency, seems to be a classic uplift story with added sports drama and the fact that apartheid is by no means forgotten by now. And while Damon seems to be doing well with his Afrikaans accent, and Freeman obviously looks the part, it's hard to listen to his voiceover and think of anyone but Morgan Freeman. I'm sure that given time he'll slip seamlessly into the role, but right now, seeing someone so famous play someone else so famous, it feels a little tricky.

It's also hilarious that, thanks to District 9, everyone in America thinks they know a South African accent, and will be judging each character based on how similar they sound to Wikus van der Merwe. Silly quibbles aside, though, Invictus looks like typically classy Eastwood stuff, and God willing, better than last year's Changeling or Gran Torino. Watch the trailer below.

Watch it in high-res at!

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