Remember the first trailer for Wall-E, which took us through a lunch that the Pixar head honchos had way back in the day, and told us the lovable robot was one of the first characters they thought up? Pixar did a great job with that trailer of reminding us of all that magic they've brought us so far, and the promise that they would bring it again, and of course the movie delivered. Now they're trying the same trick again with the first trailer for Up, which is half a Pixar retrospective, and half a look at the actual movie we'll see next summer.

In the trailer, originally posted by Trailer Addict, the story doesn't venture beyond much of what we already know from posters and other images-- the main character is a grumpy old man, Carl, who sets his house aloft by tying it to a bunch of balloons. We're not clear on where he's going, except the narrator inviting us to "journey to a lost world"; either way, Carl's plans are probably derailed when a Boy Scout turns out to be a stowaway on his front porch.

Face it: You're looking forward to this movie no matter what. Just check out the trailer below to confirm your suspicion that Pixar is about to turn in another masterpiece.

Originally posted by Trailer Addict

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