Though the dynamic writing duo Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman wrote the first Transformers, for the second one they had a little extra help from Ehren Kruger. Before getting a job on Revenge of the Fallen, Kruger was mostly known for horrible movies like The Skeleton Key and Scream 3. Alright he did have a hand in Blood and Chocolate, but that’s the lone, shame-free spot on his resume.

Unfortunately for the third Transformers film it looks like it’ll be all Kruger, whom Bay confirmed on his official site he’ll soon be collaborating with to talk about new characters. There’s a reason Kurtzman and Orci weren’t mentioned. Roberto is a frequent contributor on the message board of Transformers producer Don Murphy and today he dropped the news that neither he, nor Kurtzman will have any involvement in Transformers 3.

That doesn’t mean, however, that this is Kurtzman and Orci’s reaction to how embarrassingly awful Transformers 2 was. Though we may suspect Kruger was to blame for some of the movie’s less successful ideas, all three writers have been adamant in the past that they share equal responsibility for everything in the film. They’re all to blame for Devastator’s balls.

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