Well, this was only a matter of time. The 33 trapped Chilean miners have reportedly hired a team of lawyers to work on selling their life rights. Back when they were rescued in October, the team reportedly agreed not to reveal any intimate details of their time below the surface, and it’s a move that should come in handy now. With no one really sure exactly what went on, it’s imperative for any future book or movie projects to get the official version, and it’s likely anyone who does secure the rights will get unlimited interview access with most, if not all, thirty-three.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the miners are particularly excited about selling both book and movie rights together, but given the right circumstances, they’d be willing to negotiate for a book first. What exactly these rights might go for is anyone’s guess, but some studio will bite sooner rather than later. At no point will people ever care more than they do right now. Even now they care a lot less than they did a couple months ago.

What’s really astounding about this whole story is that all 33 miners agreed to work as a team. It’s impressive and probably wouldn’t have happened if they were Americans. Not that I’m hating on my own kind; sometimes we’re just a C- at working in a team.

Here's a look at what the trailer could be like, should this movie ever happen:

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