Last week a cool little story came online. Just a few days after winning his first Oscar, it was revealed that Nine Inch Nails front-man and Social Network composer Trent Reznor would not only be crafting the music for Timur Bekmambetov's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but would also have a cameo as the bloodsucker who kills the 16th President's mother. Sadly, however, it looks like it looks like it wasn't meant to be.

Reznor recently posted an update on the message board of the NIN Official Site announcing that he will, in fact, not be doing working on the horror/comedy. According to Reznor, when the story broke he was still trying to decide whether or not he would do it and he ultimately decided not to. While he doesn't say why he decided not to do the film, he did suggest that there's no ill-will, saying, "Bottom line, I wish them the best with the film and I'm sure it will still be great."

Reznor's Social Network score is easily one of my favorites not only of last year but of all time. The album still holds the top spot in my car's CD player and I don't plan on taking it out anytime soon. While I'm sad to hear that he won't be working on this one, at least we have The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to look forward to.

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