The Rocket
This Laos-set drama centers on a ten-year-old named Ahlo, whose been branded a jinx since birth. Every bad thing that happens in his rural village is blamed on him. But Ahlo has a chance to change his destiny when a rocket competition offers a coveted prize. Starring a slate of nonprofessional actors, this coming-of-age tale is already gaining buzz as a true crowd pleaser.

Almost Christmas
Movies with big stars are a little less common at Tribeca than at other festivals like Sundance, but it would be hard for any fest to beat the combination of Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti, especially when you sweeten the deal by having them play French-Canadian Christmas tree salesmen. Even the director, Phil Morrison, has the excellent indie Junebug on his resume, and if he can replicate that film's mix of humor and warmth-- and highlight some epic squabbles between the two famous Pauls-- we'll have an easy festival favorite.

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