We've known since last summer, just after Tron: Legacy's first successful attempt at taking over Comic Con, that the director Joe Kosinski was already eyeing another project, an outer-space sci-fi thing called Oblivion. While Tron is obviously very much not finished this long before its December release date, Kosinski is apparently already ramping up Oblivion; according to Deadline Hollywood he's pitching Oblivion at various studios, with the first option going to Disney, the studio that will hopefully make his name with Tron: Legacy.

The story takes place in a post-apocalypse future-- where else?-- in which people live above the clouds, except for one soldier left on the surface and dispatching aliens called The Scavengers. He eventually meets a woman stranded in a crash and the two "take an epic adventure that changes his world view." Doesn't sound like too far a jump from Tron: Legacy based on what we know, and the plot as described could easily come from the kind of late-70s sci-fi movie the original Tron fits in line with. Kosinski has also been pursuing a few other projects, including a remake of another late-70s sci-fi effort The Black Hole and the original spec script Archangels, which he's set to produce alongside Tony and Ridley Scott. Sounds like Oblivion is a priority, though, and if Disney bites it'll be a pretty strong early sign that Tron: Legacy is the kind of work that makes a director a Very Big Deal overnight. Something to look forward to.

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