Stephen Moyer’s True Blood character Bill Compton is often the one being stalked. In fact, when it comes to hunting, he’s usually the one behind the fangs. The tables appear to be turning in the upcoming film The Barrens, where he and his family may be stalked by the Jersey Devil (which is not a hockey player).

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, The Barrens incorporates the legendary creature known as the Jersey Devil. The mythical creature is believed to reside somewhere in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. Like the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot, whether or not this creature does or has ever existed is up for debate. It did apparently inspire the inspiration for New Jersey’s NHL team name, and numerous works of fiction, including an episode of The X Files and now this new film.

According to Variety, Moyer, known to many for his role as vampire Bill Compton in HBO’s True Blood, will play a man who goes to the Pine Barrens with his family and soon begins to believe they’re being stalked by the Jersey Devil.

Bousman, whose directorial work includes a few of the Saw films, seems to want to take the legend further, saying, “I don't want to turn it into a cheesy creature feature. It's about the characters for me, and having watched Stephen for years on 'True Blood,' I have no doubt he's the right leading man.”

Given True Blood’s popularity, this will certain earn the film a bit more attention. It also doesn’t hurt that people are familiar with associating Moyer with horror. It should be interesting to see how the British actor handles the part.

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