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Let me start with a bit of a tangent. Last night I watched the original Tron for the first time, and immediately after went to the Apple trailers page to watch the trailer for the new one, finally getting a lot of the weird tech references and the basic existence of Flynn's Arcade. Right next to the Tron: Legacy trailer in ABC order was the trailer for True Grit, and given that we were already on a Jeff Bridges roll, we queued that one up as well. And good Lord, despite all the flashiness of Tron: Legacy, there is nothing more exciting than watching Bridges prowl the Old West on that horse.

I'm as excited for True Grit as i am for any movie that'll come out in the next five years, and while character banners aren't exactly the same thrill as seeing the movie, they're still one step on the way toward the movie actually existing onscreen. IMDB has a gallery of four new character posters, featuring Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Josh Brolin and Matt Damon, and Awards Daily dug up an international version with all the characters in one place. You can see all the posters below and click on them for higher-res versions at their respective original sites. Punishment comes one way or another, and True Grit-- finally!-- hits theaters December 22.