Fangless vampire flick Twilight is headed for reshoots. The movie wrapped principal photography months ago, but star Kellan Lutz told MTV that they’ll re-start shooting this week, and the cast seems to think they’re redoing scenes because the other stuff was awesome.

Most of the time, reshoots means there’s something wrong with the movie that they’re going to try and fix, but star Peter Facinelli insists, “They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time — to beef it up.” That actually makes a certain amount of sense. Twilight was originally intended as a fairly modestly budget affair. I’m not entirely certain the film’s producers anticipated the amount of hype that has built up over their project, the veracity of its fans seems to have surprised nearly everyone. Now that expectations are so high for it, perhaps they simply want to add a little more umpf.

If umpf is what they’re adding, it may come in the form of a new flashback scene. Facinelli says the flashback they’re shooting, “gives us a little bit of history of the Cullen family. ... They are just shooting a couple of different added scenes, and the scene I'm in, I can tell you it's me and Robert Pattinson. ... Rosalie and Emmett are in that scene.” Not one of those names means anything to me, but if you’re one of the tweaked out Twilight faithful, maybe that sentence was enough to prompt a change of pants.

In addition to the flashback, it sounds like they’re also beefing up the movie’s ending, and adding more characters. Taylor Lautner, who plays a character named Jacob Black in the movie, says “I am going to be in the prom scene now, at the very end of the film… at first we didn't film that, and now some people are saying they want to see a bit more of Jacob, and they want him in the prom scene at the end.”

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