In what is almost certain to be a metaphor for critical reaction to the finished film (come on, we all know critics aren’t going to like this movies), a woman found a complete copy of the script for The Twilight Saga: New Moon in a St. Louis trash bin. This has left the major news services, like Yahoo, baffled. Apparently they missed our story last week, when we told all of you that the entire script had been leaked online.

Anyone with a halfway decent printer could have downloaded the script, printed it out, read it and then trashed it when they were done. Or since none of the reports on this discovery actually offer a date for when the script was found, perhaps this is how the script leaked in the first place? The leaked version of the New Moon script first appeared online May 5th, via the Twitterfeed of a woman in Tampa, FL. Before she locked her feed she discussed transcribing the script, which apparently she’d originally received by unnamed means in printed form.

The woman who found the trashed New Moon script, Casey Ray, reportedly returned it to the studio and got an invite to the premiere for her trouble. Could she have stopped at a Kinkos on her way to trade it for a trip to the red carpet premiere? I’d rather believe she’s actually a good Samaritan. The world doesn’t need another pirate.

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