Kristen Stewart has already admitted she's a little afraid of the mobs of Twilight fans who surround her everywhere she goes-- and really, I don't blame her--but apparently the powers of marketing and contracts can overcome even the worst phobias. Summit Entertainment has announced that approximately 20 different Eclipse cast members will be showing up at screenings of the film throughout the weekend, "to show their appreciation for their fans, and thanking them for all of the excitement, enthusiasm and support they have shown."

The list of cities is available at the movie's official site, and it's pretty much the expected list of major U.S. cities, with Kona, Hawaii and Vancouver thrown in as slight surprises. The New York/New Jersey area is represented well, with visits scheduled for Clifton NJ, Paramus NJ, Manhattan and Long Island. They're not saying who will be showing up where, presumably because they want everyone to assume they'll be at the theater where Robert Pattinson shows up, but expect plenty of excited fan chatter over the Internet during the long weekend. It's a pretty brilliant marketing move, I must say, and hey Kristen-- they say facing your fears can be the best way to get over them. Suck it up and smile!

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