Excitement is already running high for Gus van Sant's Milk, with high-profile stars like Sean Penn and Emile Hirsch already filming on the streets of San Francisco, and many members of the gay community excited to see a hero finally immortalized on the screen. While it seems like the cast is already jam-packed, with Josh Brolin and James Franco on board as well, there's always room for a few more. Now TV fans have a reason to be excited, as two familiar small-screen faces have joined: Victor Garber and Douglas Smith.

Moviehole has the scoop that Victor Garber, currently on Eli Stone, and Douglas Smith, currently on Big Love, will join the cast, also playing real-life political figures who were part of the San Francisco political world when Harvey Milk, the main character, was working as a city councilman. Garber, also known as Sydney's dad on Alias, will play George Moscone, the mayor of San Francisco who was shot on the same day as Milk, by disgruntled politician Dan White (Brolin). Smith, who you also may have seen on CSI, plays Paul Hogarth, a young Milk supporter.

Maybe it's because the politicians from this era in San Francisco were unusually attractive, but both these actors are weirdly identical to the characters they will play. Usually when you have movie stars playing real people they're somewhat more attractive than the characters they're playing, but Garber and Smith are doing right by Moscone and Hogarth. Moviehole has links to images of both politicians and actors, if you want to see for yourself.

The more I hear about Milk the more it sounds like it will be an important movie worth seeing, both for its fascinating subject matter and its killer cast. At this point, I think even casting Nicole Richie couldn't screw it up. So stay excited, and be ready for Milk's release this fall, so we can see if the hype is worth it.

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