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UPDATE: This is an update of the sad variety. The Film Stage is reporting that these posters are actually not official, but are part of a fan-led campaign to get the movie released. Too bad.

Though everyone is excited that both James Bond and The Hobbit are back on track and getting ready to come out in the next couple years, we mustn't forget about another lost MGM project: Cabin in the Woods. Written by Joss Whedon and directed by Drew Goddard, the film is 100% done and just waiting for distribution. The problem is that nobody seems to know exact when that day will come - and it's starting to affect the marketing.

A new official Twitter account for the film called @EnterTheCabin has been launched and with it have arrived two new posters, both of which make fun of the fact that the movie is just sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. With the account a new website has been launched at, which, when you try and enter said cabin, directs you towards a Facebook page where you can petition to get the film distribution. Whedonites assemble!

While we wait for movie, though, enjoy these two new posters, which will definitely make you giggle.

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