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While it’s not so enjoyable when spending time with people who can’t sing (yours truly grouped in with that bunch), one of the best things about musicals is the ability to sing along. While we all know and are annoyed by that guy who says the line in a movie right as its being said on screen, sing-a-longs unite audiences, everyone both enjoying the music and basking in the fact that everyone in the room is of one mind. Hence why Grease Sing-a-long is such a great idea.

Paramount has sent over two new clips from the release, which will be out in select cities nationwide. While it’s somewhat sad to sit alone in your living room singing “Grease Lightning,” the special re-release offers the chance for fans of the classic musical together in public and share their common love.

Check out the clips below as well as a full list of cities where the film will be shown (consider yourself lucky if you live in a metropolitan area).

Ocala, FL
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, Il
San Francisco, CA
Boston, MA
Dallas, TX
Seattle, WA
Miami / Fort Lauderdale, FL
San Diego, CA
Austin, TX
Atlanta, GA

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