If there is a successful movie franchise with more boring visuals than the Twilight series, I don't know about it. Despite the presence of red-eyed vampires and shirtless werewolves and spectacular Pacific Northwest scenery in the films, every official still has the same characters staring sternly at each other, or once in a while gazing deeply into one anothers' eyes.

Both of those things are going on in the two new stills from Eclipse sent to us today by Summit Entertainment, which you can see below. In one all the Cullen men look brooding in their color-coordinated sweaters, and in the other Edward stares at Bella-- I could throw both of these stills in with images from any of the other films and you would never be able to tell. We're still hoping director David Slade will manage to make Eclipse more interesting than Twilight and New Moon, but the publicity department really isn't doing him any favors if he has.

Click each image below to see it in high-res.

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