The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters next week on June 30, and is probably the only summer movie other than Toy Story 3 that looks like a guaranteed hit. Summit has promoted the hell out of this thing, focusing on action sequences that may actually convince men to see it, but somehow they still haven't managed to show off every single scene from the movie. Below we've got three new clips and promos that, yes, recycle a lot of old footage, but also introduce you to another lovey-dovey moment between Edward and Bella, just in case you had forgotten that the heart of the Twilight movies is all that feelings stuff.

In addition there's a featurette in which the actors explain why it's such a big deal that the werewolves and vampires are teaming up in this one, and a TV spot in which Edward and Jacob, once again, squabble over what's best for Bella. They never stop to ask what she might want, but as you probably know by now, that's well beside the point in Twilight world. Take a look at all of the new clips below and gird your loins for Eclipse on June 30.

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