Forgive me for stealing a joke I saw somewhere on Twitter recently, but why does Tyler Perry bother titling his movies? He could just call the films Tyler Perry 1, Tyler Perry 2 etc., and people would know exactly as much as they do now about what to expect. Perry is walking human franchise, and God love him for it-- well, at least Lionsgate loves him for it.

Next up in the ongoing Tyler Perry opus will be Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family, based on one of his stage plays according to Variety. I'm not even going to try to parse the title-- why not Tyler Perry's And Madea's Big Happy Family? But since they're the same person shouldn't they pick one or the other? Big Happy Family is Perry's latest play and is currently on tour, starring Perry, of course, as the pistol-toting grandma. The only synopsis of the play I could find online was in this seriously condescending writeup at Videogum, but the play seems to be the usual Perry combination of slapstick and gospel and big happy family feelings. Like I said, no title particularly needed.

Big Happy Family has been set for a April 27, 2011 release, which will be just three months after Perry's adaptation of the stage play For Colored Girls... comes out. If you thought his movies were already coming out at a breakneck pace, well, apparently we've only seen the beginning.

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