Pixar’s next masterpiece is floating into theaters right now across the country in midnight showings that kick off one of the best moviegoing weekends of the year. Up is here and if you’re even half the Pixar nerds we are then you’re clutching a ticket in your live-action fist right now, while I type this. For those of you who haven’t planned ahead, make sure you’re out there trekking into your local movie theater at some point this weekend. Up is every bit the movie you’ve heard it is.

Besides, you’ve already read my review and Katey’s review, now it’s your turn. We want to know what you think of Pixar’s latest must see movie. Did you float away into another world? Did you break down and cry? Come on guys, admit it, you cry. Real men cry at Up. After you see it, come back here and make yourself heard. Share your opinion on the film by discussing it on our message board, in the comments section, by tweeting with us on Twitter, and by casting your vote in the official CB Up Poll below:

What did you think of Up?
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