Ever since New York Magazine got its hands on the script for A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas back in April, it has been hard to contain excitement for it. With promises of more weed-related hijinks, waffle robots, druggie babies, and, of course, Neil Patrick Harris, the films sounds like it could be as much fun as the previous two installments. The production has had a small black cloud above it for awhile, however, as it was unknown as to whether Kal Penn, who plays Kumar, would be able to leave his job at the White House to make the film. Apparently, that black cloud is gone.

Via his Twitter account, director Todd Strauss-Schulson has posted the first photo from the set: chairs with the names "Kal Penn," "Christina Varotsis" and "Todd Strauss-Schulson" emblazoned on them in Christmas font, as well as a marijuana leaf decked out as a Christmas Tree. Hallelujah!

We still have to wait about a year-and-a-half before the film is released, but how great is this news? Harold and Kumar is one of those rare comedies that didn't totally fall apart in its sequel and, from the sound of the script, this one will not disappoint either.

Update: Twitpic user dannypurdue has posted the first picture from the set, which is located at the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. Check it out below:

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