UPDATE: As I predicted, it looks like this story is completely bogus. AICN got in contact with sources close to the production who denied the story entirely. Japan is sticking around and it's not turning into Godzilla.

Last week, the day after the giant tsunami hit Japan, story details about Guillermo Del Toro's next project, Pacific Rim, came online and it wasn't exactly what you'd call good timing. According to the scoop, the story would largely center around giant monsters that emerged from the beneath the Pacific Ocean and attacked coastal cities, particularly those in Japan. Though the film won't be released until 2013, it looks as though the studio doesn't want to risk make a movie in bad taste.

Bloody Disgusting has learned that Legendary Pictures has asked Del Toro - and presumably writer Travis Beacham - to rewrite the Pacific Rim script and remove references to Japan. If true, the this could alter the story severely, as the story begins with a monster attack in Osaka, Japan (not to mention the title will probably have to go). Also mentioned in the scoop is that the studio is trying to get Del Toro to turn the project into a Godzilla remake, as was first rumored last October. This part of the story seems a bit fishy, however, as Gareth Edwards was hired to direct a new Godzilla movie back in January.

If Legendary really does want to remove all references to Japan in the film, I'm curious how the story will be altered. Will they make a switch from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic? Will London and New York be the target cities instead of Tokyo and Los Angeles or will they just focus on the LA half of the story? The Godzilla part of this story makes me question whether any of it is actually true. We'll be sure to update when we get more information.

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