UPDATE: Production Weekly is now saying that Paul Rudd may not be the voice of Walter, however, Kristen Schaal is rumored to play "the Moderator"

The Muppets have a long history of including randomly hilarious celebrity cameos in their movies. Most memorably Steve Martin showed up in the original Muppet Movie and stole scenes. The new film, simply titled The Muppets is loading up on celebrity cameos too.

The latest batch of celebrity cameos comes from Production Weekly where they say that Lady Gaga may show up in the movie, with one of the weirdest celebrity entourages imaginable. Playing her lackeys? John Krasinski, Ed Helms and Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet. Also involved may be Jack Black, Donald Glover, Jane Lynch, and Danny Trejo. Meanwhile Zach Galifiankis may be playing someone named Hobo Jo, which sounds like a Muppet to me, but who knows.

Even bigger news than the celebrity cameos is who’s set to voice Walter. You may remember that earlier this week we learned Walter is the newest Muppet, he’ll actually co-star in the movie along with Jason Segel, playing Segel’s roommate. It’s sort of like a buddy movie, between the two of them. So who’s voicing Walter? Paul Rudd. The same Paul Rudd who had brilliant chemistry with Segel in I Love You Man. They’re back together, only this time one of them is a Muppet.

Get a look at the Paul Rudd voiced Muppet Walter in our Blend Film Database here. He’s the one holding the iPhone.

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