UPDATE! As we suspected the poster is a confirmed fake. It's actually fan art stolen from the IMDB message boards here. We've updated our source credits in the article below to reflect that.

In the last decade, as weird as it is to say, few titles have surprised me as much as the Harold and Kumar movies. I went into the first film recognizing it as Danny Leiner's follow-up to Dude, Where's My Car? and was taken aback by how funny it really was and how great the two leads were. Fast forward four years and I walk into Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay expecting a cheap, cash-in sequel, only to have it be similarly effective, though to a lesser degree. Finally convinced that it's fun to watch Kal Penn and John Cho go on sweet adventures together, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is very much on my radar, and now we have what several sources are claiming is first teaser poster for the movie.

But despite claims to the contrary, it's not real. The poster is actually fan art originally posted here.

We haven't heard much from the production since it started up over the summer in Michigan, and Patton Oswalt and Thomas Lennon were added to the cast, but I'm always happy to report that it still exists. The only sad thing is that we probably won't see real marketing for the film for another few months.

Check out the fan art below or head over to IMDB to see it full size. What do you think? Real poster or not?

Special thanks to Bleeding Cool's Brendon Connelly for pointing us to the original source for the fake.

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