UPDATE: We knew this was coming. Bond fansite MI6 has terminated the rumor with extreme prejudice, proving that The Sun pieced their story together using internet chat room gossip. The Weisz rumor is actually one from a good source of ours last March and was just given a new spin now that the two are going out. God, I hate British tabloids.

There are few news organizations in the world less reliable than the British tabloids. Yes, they do occasionally get one right, 99.9% of the time they are printing nothing but lies. It will be interesting to see which side of the fence their newest story falls on.

The remarkably untrustworthy The Sun is reporting that producers of the next Bond film are actively trying to cast Rachel Weisz in their next production, not as a Bond girl, but as the head of the criminal organization known as Quantum. The problem? Weisz is currently in a relationship with 007 star Daniel Craig and they fear that she will turn down the role because of it. The newspaper is also saying that they have been informed that the name of the next film, which up until know has been known Bond 23, will be Red Sky At Night.

While this story will probably end up being debunked before the end of the week, I don't want it to be. Rachel Weisz is a phenomenal actress and would make a terrific villain. As for Red Sky At Night, it feels like a classic Bond title taken from the Sean Connery era. Let's hope against hope, shall we?

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