Navy SEALs seem to be the government-employed badasses of the moment, with Kathryn Bigelow, Peter Berg and maybe even Disney all telling stories about the kind of elite soldiers who took down Osama bin Laden. But there are plenty of more awesome, fearless people protecting us at home too, and you know what never goes out of style? Dark suits and sunglasses.

Possibly with that in mind, Universal is now working on a story that's about the Secret Service; according to Deadline they've optioned Laura Blumenfeld's Washington Post cover story, in which she went through the Secret Service training program herself. The film, which will be adapted by Greg Poirier, will follow a group of recruits who join the program to become agents; hearing that concept I'm very, very tempted to call it "Grey's Anatomy with guns," but it seems only fair to assume at this point it will be more nuanced and interesting than that.

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