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Usually when we report crazy rumors, they're coming from the British tabloids, which tend to make up crazy casting rumors about movies that don't exist yet and get all the American movie sites to work themselves into a tizzy over them. But today the German tabloids are stepping up. The Frankfurt paper Extra Tipp is reporting that, somehow, an unknown director named Marc Vorlander is planning a sequel to Showgirls, and will film it in Frankfurt.

Yeah, I know-- there are about 10 implausible things in that above sentence. But it gets even better-- apparently 25 million Euros have been set aside for the production, and it will center around Rena Riffel, an actress who played minor character Hope in the original film and will reprise her role. She won't be around for long, though, as she dies of a cocaine overdose early in the film, and afterwards it follows her brother as he travels to Frankfurt to avenge her death. What, you didn't know that Frankfurt was the hotbed of the cocaine industry?

The best part of all of this, I think, is that rapper "Jeyz" is credited as one of the film's producers-- not Jay-Z, of course, but a white guy based in Frankfurt called Jeyz. Oh, and instead of following the world of strippers, director Vorlander promises this for his movie: "Lots of blood will fly." Just as Paul Verhoeven would have wanted.

If I were to venture a guess for this movie, it would be that Vorlander is somehow attaching his film to the Showgirls name without any approval from the people who made it originally, and will either be in a whole lot of trouble soon or is protected by some loophole. Unlike most tabloid stories this doesn't actually seem to be a rumor-- it's an interview with Vorlander, really-- but that doesn't mean you're any more likely to wind up seeing the actual film.

(Thanks to JoBlo for finding this amazing story)

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