Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames have agreed to star in the indie thriller Seven Below for director Kevin Carraway, Variety reports.

The two actors will be joined by Luke Goss and Rebecca De Costa, the trade adds, though given the numerical nature of the title, I’m wondering if three more actors will be cast before the production gets underway. As soon as we saw Kilmer's name, we prayed for a MacGruber sequel (that has to happen). Instead, Lawrence Smith’s screenplay for Seven Below reportedly follows a group of strangers who are caught in a massive storm and must take refuge in an isolated house located deep in the woods. Variety calls the home “ghostly,” as if you were really shocked to hear that.

Carraway served as a production coordinator on Damon Wayans’ long-running sitcom My Wife and Kids. His directorial credits include 2009’s The Fear Chamber, about an L.A. detective (Rhett Giles) who uses his hallucinatory “second sight” to track a serial killer who harvests his victims organs. The film has no rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

As for Smith, I’m hoping he takes his narrative cues from Agatha Christie, whose And Then There Were None created palpable suspense as strangers were isolated and eventually picked off one by one. So many films were inspired by Christie’s story over the years (the most recent I can recall was Identity with Amanda Peet and John Cusack). With luck, Kilmer and Rhames will contribute to a moody suspense-thriller in Seven Below, because the alternative is a routine slasher film in the woods, and I don’t think too many of us want another one of those.

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