Determined not to be the Mark Hamill of High School Musical (If Mark Hamill liked to take naked cell phone pictures of himself that is. How do you know he doesn’t?), Vanessa Hudgens has lined up a new movie role. ET says that she’s set to star in a new Beauty and the Beast re-spin.

Titled Beastly, the movie is a modern-day take on Beauty and the Beast, with Vanessa Hudgens as Beauty. No word yet on who’s playing the beast but seriously, unless it’s Ron Perlman I refused to get interested.

This particular Beauty and the Beast tale is set in Manhattan and involves a spoiled rich kid who ditches a date, gets cursed, and find himself grotesquely transformed into everything he hates. Does that mean he becomes a freakshow… or just a poor person? To solve his problem, whatever it is, he has to find true love. Lucky for him true love looks like Vanessa Hudgens. Sort of takes some of the sting out of the whole curse thing. I mean if the curse’s purpose was to teach him a lesson, shouldn’t he have to marry Artie Lange or something?

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