If you're not excited about Source Code, you clearly haven't seen Moon. Duncan Jones's debut feature was so visually exquisite and well-acted that it garnered all kinds of critical support out of proportion to its $5 million budget, and in a year with pricier sci-fi wonders like Star Trek and Avatar, Moon stood proudly right alongside them.

So for Source Code, which will star Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier investigating a terrorist bombing by inhabiting another person's body, Jones is presumably working with more money and connections, both of which likely helped him get Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan to join the cast. THR reports that Farmiga would play a communications officer controlling Gyllenhaal's character "as he travels through time and space," while Monaghan would play a love interest.

What's cool about this casting, beyond the fact that apparently the two major supporting roles are for women, is that Farmiga and Monaghan are both perfect of-the-moment talents for Jones to get on board. Farmiga is brilliant in Up in the Air, and while Monaghan's performance in the little-seen Trucker wasn't enough to fight through the awards season scrum, it proved she's got what it takes for whatever role comes her way.

The final excellent piece of this is that Source Code will be distributed by Summit, which practically guarantees that it'll be easier to find than the Sony Pictures Classics-distributed Moon. With three name-brand stars on board and a studio backing him, Jones seems to have gotten precisely the second film earned by such a promising debut. Who knew it ever worked out this well in Hollywood?

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