A movie version of the cancelled television series Veronica Mars is, it seems, much more than just another fan fever dream. Speaking to EW show creator Rob Thomas revealed that he’s preparing to pitch the movie to Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver within the next week or two.

The television version first debuted on the now defunct UPN network back in 2004. It carried over to UPN’s successor, the CW network where it was cancelled in May of 2007. The show starred Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars, a high school student (and later college student) who moonlights as a private detective under the tutelage of her detective father.

Thomas has a few more plot details to work out, but EW says the movie version will involve the fem detective in solving a crime at college. This conflicts somewhat with statements made by Thomas last month when he said he was considering a movie which would start with Veronica’s college graduation.

For now the plot is not important. Focus people. We’ll get to that later. A Veronica Mars movie may actually happen. It’s rare that a cancelled television series gets any kind of second life, let alone one as a major movie franchise. Of course once Thomas makes his pitch they may say no, but at least for now there’s hope.

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