Wallace (Percy Daggs III) - Entered the story as an underdog in Season 1. Rose to popularity due to basketball skills and general awesomeness. Proved useful to Veronica in high school due to his student job giving him access to administrative offices. He's a close friend.

Mac (Tina Majorino) - Computer geek with knack at sarcasm and a willingness to cross the line if Veronica needs her to, Mac is the Q to Veronica's Bond, and she's also a close friend.

Gia (Krysten Ritter) - Entered the story in Season 2. She's ditzy but sweet, but she and Veronica were on the outs at the end of Season 2 when Veronica suspected her father was involved in a bus-related tragedy that resulted in a number of student deaths. Gia wasn't in Season 3, but she's in the movie so that's worth knowing.

Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen) - Don't let the name fool you. No, actually go ahead and judge him by his name. Dick's Logan's best friend. He's been through his fair share of drama, but he keeps it light and has no filter, which makes him perfect for comic relief.

Madison Sinclair (Amanda Noret) - The closest thing Veronica has to a rival, Madison's the queen bee at Neptune High. She's rich and mean. She's the kind of girl who'd spit in your drink, write "Slut" on your car, spread rumors about you and sleep with your boyfriend. (She did all of that to Veronica at some point during the series' run.)

Weevil (Francis Capra) - A friend of Veronica, Weevil's from the wrong side of the tracks and occasionally a suspect for wrong-doing, due largely to his associations with the PCHer's, a local biker gang. He's also proven to be helpful to Veronica in a pinch.

Leo (Max Greenfield) - Leo was a deputy at the Neptune Sheriff's Department who dated Veronica when she was in high school. Yeah, a little weird, but their age difference wasn't that vast. Leo was adorable and helped Veronica out more than a few times. She dumped him for Logan.

Logan and Veronica entered the series as enemies, or frenemies at best. Logan (Jason Dohring) was the boyfriend of Lily Kane, and after Veronica's loss of social status, he was on the bandwagon of people who turned his back on her. But at some point during Season 1, the two characters started to connect, which led to a turbulent romance that was on and off throughout the course of the series. Logan has a history of abuse and grief and being the son of celebrities, that's all mixed into a sense of entitlement that really primed him to be Neptune High's "obligatory psychotic jackass." Arrogance and vulnerability make for a weird combination, but it's one that Veronica seemed to take to, despite the challenges the relationship presented.

When Season 3 wrapped up, Veronica and Logan were on the outs and Veronica was dating Piz (Chris Lowell), a character introduced in the third season. Unlike Logan, Piz comes from a stable background, he's upbeat, friendly and he treats Veronica well. After Logan hurt Veronica in Season 3, Piz was really the safe option, being a dependable friend with a major interest in Veronica. He's a good guy with an appreciation for music and a moral compass that points north.

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