The movie deals with a brand new murder mystery, so you really don't need a whole lot of background information in order to follow the plot, but there were some unresolved issues. As I said, Veronica and Logan were on the outs at the end of Season 3. The situation was made worse when Logan beat the crap out of Piz, believing he was responsible for the Piz/Veronica sex tape that went viral. It wasn't Piz who made or leaked the video, however. And Logan eventually beat up the guy who actually was responsible for that.

Meanwhile, Veronica got busted sneaking around the Kane mansion in search of evidence for a case. And Keith, who was acting sheriff after the death of Sheriff Don Lamb, erased the evidence to protect Veronica, but with Jake Kane involved, the story got out and threatened to ruin Keith's chances of winning the Sheriff election. But the series ended with Veronica casting her vote and we never find out whether or not Keith won the election.

To put it as vaguely as possible, you don't really need to know who Logan's pop star girlfriend was as it relates to the original series. She only appeared in two episodes. Because she's connected to the original show, you might jump to the conclusion that there's more to her background, but her involvement in the first season is minimal and almost completely irrelevant to the film's plot.

Veronica Mars arrives in select theaters and on Video on Demand on Friday, March 14. Find out what director Rob Thomas and the cast had to say about making the film here!

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