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Veronica Has Choices To Make
In high school and college, Veronica was a bit ahead of the game, maturity-wise, however the movie picks up nearly a decade later with Veronica about to begin her law career, and Kristen Bell pondered the idea that maybe her character digressed a bit in the years that have passed. "I think, Veronica was wise beyond her years as a teenager and I almost feel like digressed a little bit as an adult," she explained. "I think, it’s a more immature notion to run from who you really should be, ought to be, your true north. She wanted to get rid of all the drama, so she sought out a lifestyle that was simple and stable, away from Neptune, and in the first few moments of the film, it starts to dawn on her that it’s pretty boring and it’s probably not who she’s supposed to be. So, as an adult, she’s kind of run from herself."

So where do we go from here? That's a question Veronica is faced with as the film progresses, because her choice is about more than one thing. Chris Lowell, who plays Veronica's boyfriend Piz, breaks it down pretty well here...

"New York represents this life that she has been really aiming for," Chris Lowell explained. "She finally escapes Neptune. She obviously leaves a lot of things behind that she loves, but she also leaves behind a lot of baggage that she doesn't want to take with her. New York represents a clean slate, and a professional career and a new life and a stable boyfriend, and all these things that she maybe thinks that she wants. And I think Neptune and that other lifestyle and Logan are the risks in her. They bring out the excitement, the unknown, the instinct and the sort of mischief and made it deeper... sexier, steamier, more smoldering... Love."

Jason Dohring, who was sitting next to Lowell during his response, agreed, adding, "She's obviously torn between two lives and what she thinks she should be doing based on 'Now I'm supposed to...' in life, and what drives her as a character, which I think is making things right, solving things, following a passion. Not just some day-job or something like that. As hard as it is to tear her away from Chris, I'm going to try my best."

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