A couple weeks ago, Ben Stiller did an interview with the New York times in which he announced that Derek Zoolander would be making a comeback in the form of animated digital shorts. According to the actor, the shorts would be a method of bringing the character back after being away for a decade and could eventually lead to a possible television series or another movie (though there was no indication whether or not they would be animated or live action). It turns out that Viacom is pretty high on the latter idea. The media conglomerate had its earnings call today, according to THR, and company COO Tom Dooley confirmed a couple of projects that Viacom is developing past September 2011, including Zoolander 2. The article confirms the previous report that Justin Theroux is writing and directing the project could be coming "sooner rather than later."

Obviously nothing is set in stone until the cameras start rolling, but it's a pretty good sign if the project is being promised to stockholders. Then again, the whole thing could go to hell in a handbasket tomorrow if the world's largest modeling firm buys out Viacom and cancel the project because they don't like to be mocked. But until that happens...hooray for Zoolander 2!

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