It appears the kind of The Dark Knight Rises destruction and mayhem we saw in Pittsburgh is starting to spill out onto the streets of L.A. Recently we found these photos on the Facebook profile for an L.A. Fox affiliate that show a city tunnel surrounded by cameras and what appears to be an enormous amount of debris. They are touting these images as the “pictures Warner Brothers doesn’t want you to see” and claim that they are in fact from the new Batman movie. Take a look!

If you want a closer look, there's also this video snapped by a fan near the set that shows off more of the action. Take a look below:

If these actually are snapshots and video of a scene from The Dark Knight Rises I am excited. When revisiting The Dark Knight a few days ago, I again found myself in awe of the truck chase scene through the streets of Gotham (alias Chicago). By the time we get to the semi truck doing a somersault in the middle of the street, it was the icing on the cake of one of the greatest action scenes in cinema history. I wondered how on Earth Nolan was going to be able to top or even match that sequence. These pics have me anticipating a highway action scene of epic proportions.

So will this scene of chaos be the result of a chase in which Bats tries to capture Bane? Or is this perhaps an explosive ploy by the Catwoman to cover the tracks of one of her heists? Are these even from The Dark Knight Rises? I mean it’s obvious from the presence of camera trucks and crowd control personnel that this is definitely a large scale movie shoot of some kind, but there is no Tumbler visible nor do we see any of the cast. It is also rare, though not unheard of, that news regarding a major Hollywood superhero production breaks over Facebook instead of via one of the geek-savvy online sites.

What does assuage my skepticism on this is that the L.A. Fox affiliate will be doing a followup on the ten o’clock news. I have a feeling they wouldn’t risk broadcasting their scoop on live TV unless they were sure that this was in fact the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Nobody wants to look foolish on the air. Plus, since this news station is based out of L.A., I’m sure they have reporting on film sets down to a science by now.

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