Remember when Billy Crystal momentarily took the stage at this year's Oscars, and we all got this fleeting flashback to the 90s and the reminder of how goddamn funny the guy still is? Relive it all again today thanks to Funny or Die and a genuinely funny parody. What would happen if Rob Reiner and Billy Crystal tried to pitch a sequel for When Harry Met Sally 2, and an evil studio exec (played by Adam Scott) decided to tweak it to make it hipper with the kids?

Crammed with cameos from Maya Rudolph and Rob Riggle, featuring a drop-dead hilarious performance from Helen Mirren, and somehow reminding us all the same of the actual comedic brilliance of When Harry Met Sally, this is something you've got to watch. Much as I'm glad they're not actually making a sequel to what still might be the great modern American romantic comedy, I'd totally see this movie. GROMBIES.

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