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Back in 1982, Steven Lisberger directed and wrote a movie called Tron, the only movie to be inspired by neon lights and a game of pong. Creating a whole new world and advancing filmmaking techniques far beyond what people had seen before, the film was absolutely revolutionary and suddenly people were looking at computers in a while new light. Now nearly three decades later, Tron: Legacy, the movies' first sequel, is almost here and may very well make the same revolutionary leaps.

Following my Tron Night screening (look for my recap of the footage later tonight), I was given the incredible opportunity to sit down with Mr. Lisberger and discuss how he feels two months from the release, how far filmmaking technology has come since the early '80s and the importance being put on story over visuals.

Check out my interview below.

For a complete breakdown of everything that happened at Tron Night go here.

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