If you were wondering why the Avengers seemed to be leaving Captain America to do all the work based on photos from the movie's Cleveland set, never fear. New video and photos from the ever-reliable Cleveland.com have revealed that the Mighty Thor has arrived, teaming up with Cap in a fight scene against the mo-cap-suited stuntmen who may or may not be the alien villains who team up with Loki to wreak all that destruction.

The photos of Thor on the set are very, very blurry, taken from several stories up in an office building next to the set, so let's just look at the video, where Thor's red cape and Mjolnir are clearly visible, along with Cap's blue helmet and shield.

The fun thing about these Avengers set photos is that none of them really feel like spoilers, since we already know what all the Avengers look like and the mo-cap suits on the bad guys mean they could be virtually anything. It's also great that these photos and videos aren't coming from professional paparazzi (for the most part), but excited employees of Medical Mutual of Ohio, where they've been regularly updating their Facebook page with both videos from the set and polls like "Which Avenger do you think has the toughest workout routine?" Even if you think set photos are annoying, it's hard to deny the fun spirit behind everything we're seeing from The Avengers so far.

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