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Viggo Mortensen Offered Role In Dracula Movie The Last Voyage Of The Demeter

Viggo Mortensen should be a rock star. Like, a bigger rock star than he already is. The dude makes fascinating choices with his career. Yes, he lands in super-mega-franchises like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But he also collaborates with David Cronenberg, tries offbeat Westerns in Appaloosa and Hidalgo, and, if this news can be confirmed, might play a vampire-smuggler in a long-gestating project.

That would be Millenium Films’ The Last Voyage of the Demeter, a movie centered on a ship that transports Dracula from Transylvania to England. Neil Marshall has been set to direct the feature for some time now, working off a Bragi F. Schut screenplay adapted from the novels of Bram Stoker. Bloody Disgusting now says that Mortensen is being pursued for the role of Henry Clemens, while Ben Kingsley still is being considered for the role of the ship’s captain. There were even rumors that Prometheus star Noomi Rapace was circling a key role in the film – ironic, as the tone of the story is reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s first Alien -- though Bloody can only say that the actress “may” still be interested in the part of Anna Billington.

Either way, the premise behind Demeter sounds so incredibly cool that no matter who they cast, fans should flock to see what Marshall can do with it. But yes, adding three actors as talented as Rapace, Kingsley and the amazing Mortensen would elevate this project to insanely anticipated levels. Viggo, meanwhile, can next be seen in the Cannes feature On the Road with Kristen Stewart, and 2012’s Everyone Has a Plan, written and directed by Ana Piterbarg.

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