I seriously can’t imagine yet another Hulk movie making its way to theaters. This year’s franchise reboot was a much better picture, but wasn’t any better accepted by fans, leading me to believe that the Hulk just isn’t a character destined for big screen success. A low box office return aside, Universal is still discussing the notion of bringing everyone back for a sequel to The Incredible Hulk, including Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, if they can get him after the problems the first movie had.

Who would the Green Goliath face off with in a second movie? Well, if you saw The Incredible Hulk, you probably already know - Tim Blake Nelson played Dr. Samuel Sterns, who we lost saw having a bad reaction to a sample of Bruce Banner’s blood. Sure enough, Nelson confirmed with MTV’s Splash Page that he is committed to two sequels, and he hopes he’ll have the chance to play the megalomaniacal villain Sterns becomes in the Hulk mythos, the Leader.

Coincidentally, Nelson is currently working on Edward Norton’s next picture, Leaves of Grass, and the actor says they have talked about several things Hulk, but whether Norton will return to the franchise is beyond him. “Well, I’m signed on to do Hulk 2 and 3 whether Edward’s there or not, so it’s not even up to me. When I agreed to do Hulk, I signed off for two sequels, so it’s a moot question. I certainly hope Edward is on the sequel — but that’s up to Marvel and Edward.”

I really liked The Incredible Hulk, but I just don’t think the big guy has a strong enough of a fanbase to keep going like this. First the dismal Ang Lee picture, then the lukewarm reception to this flick. At this rate, it won’t take a super genius to stop the Hulk, although it would be fun to see Nelson’s Leader try.

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