Vin Diesel hasn't shut up about doing another Chronicles of Riddick movie since the first one came out, and recently video game designer Ian Stevens joined him in hinting that a new movie is in the works. Not to be outdone, Diesel is talking to the press again, and seems just as confident as ever that a new movie is totally, totally happening.

"Maybe we've been too tight-lipped about the movie, and you'll probably hear a lot more about it as this game is released," Diesel told Gamespot, adding that David Twohy is finishing up the next script as we speak. So in some weird way, what Diesel is telling us is that the video game is distracting talk from the real news, which is the sequel.

Is there any reason to believe that Diesel knows more this time than he did the other 800 times he promised a Riddick sequel? Probably not. But it's an interesting rumor worth reporting anyway.

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