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Last we heard about Vin Diesel taking on a project that wasn't Fast and/or Furious related it was The Machine, a family action-comedy from the same people that brought you The Pacifier. For fans excited by what they saw in Fast Five and the potential for the actor to become an Arnold Schwarzenegger-level action star, the news was quite disheartening. Fortunately this news might help bring some of the energy back into the room.

Diesel recently posted a new photo on his Facebook wall that came with an interesting message that indicates we may see another Riddick movie sooner than later. I am, of course, referring to the character originated by Diesel in the 2000 film Pitch Black that was followed by a sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick, in 2004. The actor has been trying to get a third film off the ground for years but has regularly faced resistance due to his demands that the movie be rated R. Apparently he's found a way around that. According to the message, director David Twohy has told Diesel that they will be able to start filming this summer and that, thanks to him taking scale upfront instead of his normal fee, the film will be "a true R rated film."

Say what you will about the man's acting skills, you really do have to admire a guy who is willing to take a pay cut for a project that he cares about (he did the same thing for 2006's Find Me Guilty). I never thought I'd say this about Vin Diesel, but it's the sign of a real artist.

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