If you look a few years in to the past, Comic Con 2008 was in full swing and you started to see viral posters for what would soon be the sci-fi powerhouse of District 9. A similar situation is happening right now at SDCC 2011 for D9 director Neill Blomkamp’s next original sci-fi film Elysium. ComingSoon has confirmed that these posters, advertising for a company called Armadyne, do in fact connect with Elysium which is do out March 1, 2013.

Upon investigating the Armadyne.net website, you see a recruiting video from the fictional company advertising jobs for experienced “zero g welders, mega-structure engineers, quantum networkers, zero g coupling experts, and multi-generational planners.” We already know that Blomkamp’s film will be a big movie set 100 years in the future on a distant planet, and that there will be a social allegory involved, much as District 9. What new we can glean from this video is that there will be some sort of large transport vehicle, or at least something that will act as a vehicle. The term quantum is often used when referring to faster-than-light travel so expect whatever ship Armadyne to be building to be hopping between worlds Event Horizon style.

When “mega-structure engineers” are mentioned, the 3D graphic growing on to the screen looks more like a city than a ship, so maybe they’ll be working on something more like the Death Star than a Star Destroyer. What could also be indicated by something this early is that we won’t be hearing about the construction at all in the film, instead the viral campaign will probably take us all the way up until the ship arrives at its destination, and that will presumably be where the film will start. That’s all speculation though.

With nearly two years until the film’s release, there’s still quite a long time for this viral campaign to grow and slowly deliver details about the film. For now, we’ll be keeping an eye on the site which boasts an “APPLY” form that will be coming soon, that will hopefully open up some more details about the available positions.

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