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Ah, the petition; the most time honored tradition of getting many voices heard by putting signatures on paper and sticking said paper in front of somebody important. This time around, however, the someone important is providing the paper and practically begging for the sigs.

Mega-studio Warner Bros. has announced via their Twitter that they’ve set up an email to act as a catch-all for every request for a Veronica Mars movie. This could mean one of two things: first, it could mean that WB is simply tired of getting these emails and are tricking fans into sending requests for the film to this new address so they can more easily manage their inbox; or two, they’re genuinely interested in putting out a film about the high school super sleuth and are gauging interest from the outside world.

Unfortunately for this production, cash-fountain Miley Cyrus has just signed on to star in So Undercover about a “tough, street smart” kid who gets hired by the FBI to help solve a case. As a rough comparison, this is pretty much how Veronica Mars operates, although she’d now be in her 20s. So Undercover is slated for next year so all Veronica Mars fans, PLEASE send your request for a big screen adaptation to [email protected] ASAP and get this thing rolling before it’s too late. And seriously, who doesn’t love a little Kristen Bell? Here’s the full tweet from WB:
Thanks for all of the Veronica Mars Love! Please send your film requests and petitions to [email protected]

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