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After it looked as though The Wackowski's had just gone completely nuts and would never make another film again they announce one.

But it's Speed Racer.

Larry and Andy Wachowski are writing and directing a live action adaptation of the um... classic Speed Racer cartoon. What, is Racer X going to show the true nature of the world to Speed? Will Trixie get some hot lesbo action? It's like Kubrick coming back from the dead to make The Punisher 2.

As one of the six people to enjoy The Matrix sequels, I stand behind the Wackowskis as visionary filmmakers. Which isn't to say that they're not batshit crazy of course. Because they are. Still it seemed strange, even for them, to try on a franchise as hard to get something out of as Speed freaking Racer.

According to Joel Silver at The Hollywood Reporter, the brothers, I'm sorry siblings, were reluctant to do it unless they could figure out a way to do something new. "They are approaching these racing scenes in a way you've never seen before," Silver says.

Silver also said that unlike the more adult-oriented material of the Wachowskis' past -- V for Vendetta, the Matrix movies and Bound (all rated R) -- Speed will be family-friendly. This strikes me as crap. If The Wackowski's have proved one thing between the sex changes, domanatrixs, and Masked men blowing up London, it's that they don't care about being family friendly.

This project is simply bizarre. There's no explanation for it. Is Silver holding a family member hostage? Still that makes things all the more interesting, and if the project ever sees the light of day, you can bet I'll be there opening night, if only to see what the hell is going on.

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