James Mangold already did the biopic thing pretty well with Walk the Line, and seemed to have moved on to something totally different with this summer's Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz action comedy Knight and Day, but apparently true-life tales are a siren song for this guy. The LA Times is reporting that Mangold is looking into directing an untitled Joe Namath biopic, one that, at least a few years ago, had Jake Gyllenhaal attached to star.

Gyllenhaal doesn't seem to be officially on board just yet, and there's not a studio either, though the Times predicts that Universal and Paramount will both be interested. Andrew Lazar is producing the film and owns Namath's full life rights, so the movie could easily be a sprawling Walk The Line-style chronicle of an entire life. Namath became famous as the quarterback for the New York Jets in the 1960s, leading the team to victory in the third-ever Super Bowl. He was also known as a sex symbol and an all-around celebrity; Wikipedia hilariously chronicles his ownership of a sports bar called Bachelors III, which brought him trouble when it "quickly became frequented by social undesirables."

Mangold did a pretty admirable job of depicting the warts-and-all life of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, and presumably he could do similar justice to Namath's story. First step is finding the right guy though-- anyone have someone more athletic than Jake Gyllenhaal in mind for this?

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